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DHESSNTL briefly came about as a school project in a classroom late 2021. Shortly after, January 2022 marks the official launch of the brand DHESSNTL, which was created by David Hitchcock, a 17 year old at the time, with a mindset for great innovation and entrepreneurial desire. 

The brand's name DHESSNTL came to light when David tried to incorporate his initials 'DH' with the word 'ESSENTIAL', to connote the essential nature of their ingenious product.

DHESSNTL is a small brand located in the United Kingdom which specializes in bringing sneaker enthusiasts one of the best travel bags on the market that possess plenty of features that make them stand out.


The features are as follows;

- 3 Adjustable/Removable Velcro dividers to separate and hold up to 4 pairs of sneakers up to a size UK14.


- A hidden interior laptop compartment behind the shoes fitting up to a 15'' laptop.

- A padded handle and padded shoulder strap for ultimate comfort and flexibility. 

- 3 Interior pockets that can be easily accessible and carry important items such as mobile phones, documents, accessories, etc... 

- 1 Quick access front pocket and two side pockets that are easy to access.

- Double-zipped compartments to lock your bag and keep those grails extra safe.

- TSA-approved for travel, can use them on an airplane as a personal item (check with the airline for dimensions) or as a carry-on.

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